At A Glance

Minimum Capital Contribution


Annualized Rate of Return Expected


Investment Period

At least 10 years

Investor Status

Must be verified as an Accredited Investor

Management Fees

One-time upfront fee:  1% of capital contribution, and Recurring annualized management fee of 2.75% based on the valuation of assets under management

Carried Interest/Performance Fee


Potential Investment Area

Wisconsin's 120 Opportunity Zones

Maximum Fund Capital Raise:

$25 Million

Allowable Capital Contribution Sources:

Any cash source allowable under law

Capital Contribution Sources for OZ Tax Treatment:

Any realized capital gains subject to U.S. Federal tax liability.

Fund Information & Strategy

Badger State Opportunity Fund is Wisconsin’s first statewide, diversified Qualified Opportunity Fund.  This private equity fund seeks to maximize investor returns, take advantage of federal capital gains tax benefits, mitigate downside risk, and increase positive social impact by investing in portfolio companies based on the following:


  • Long-term Income & Appreciation…developments expected to generate an annualized rate of return of 8%-16% through a combination of income and growth in valuation

  • Capital Gains Tax Liability Reduction…businesses and commercial real estate suitable for a hold of at least 10 years in order to eliminate potentially all federal capital gains tax liability for those investors adhering to Opportunity Zones guidelines

  • Geographic, Sponsor & Asset Class Diversification…business purchases, expansions, and startups as well as new construction and substantial redevelopments of commercial real estate within Wisconsin’s 120 federally designated Opportunity Zones located across 60 municipalities in 44 counties sponsored by owners and developers, alike

  • Public- & Private-Sector Support…those with financial support from both the public and private sectors as a way of mitigating risk and increasing the likelihood of the investment’s success

  • Social Impact…projects that positively impact communities, such as creating and/or retaining jobs, meeting a community need (e.g., healthcare, wellness, food, etc.) currently unmet by the market, developing quality multifamily housing, and/or improving sustainability

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